Intelligent electrical installations Professional IT services

Complex services in the field of intelligent electrical installations supported by many years of experience of certified experts.
Web application development, programming as well as outsourcing of IT developers.

Inteligentné elektroinštalácie a programovan

Full service

You will find everything under one roof, from consultation to warranty activity. We also provide software support or customized web applications development.

Best IT experts on the market

Our IT professionals have many years of experience, they are trained and are constantly educating themselves in their field.

Quality work

Implementation of electrical installations is performed at a professional level. Assembly work is in accordance with the latest standards.

About us

Inteligentné elektroinštalácie a programovanie

Our company was established in 2016. We are engaged in activities in the field of IT, as well as electrical installations. Within electrical installations, we focus mainly on the installation of intelligent systems, assembly, modernization, repairs, maintenance, revisions and designing. We will be happy to help you and provide the necessary support during the entire process from the first contact to the end of the project.

The great advantage of our company are not only qualitfied electrical installers, but also certified programmers who will find a solution to manage even complex projects. As part of the outsourcing of IT experts, our goal is to help you finish your projects. Thanks to us, you can get experienced experts into your team, who will help you increase performance and also save your costs.

Electrical installations

Elsy will provide all work related to electrical installation, as well as software solutions associated with the installation of intelligent systems. We focus mainly on the installation of smart homes, as well as industrial automation, but we will also help you with common electrical installation work.

Inteligentné elektroinštalácie a Programovanie

Inteligentné elektroinštalácie a Programovanie


Intelligent automation of family houses as well as residential and non-residential premises. We work mainly with Loxone intelligent systems, which are tailor-made.

Loxone households will adapt to your lifestyle, season and weather. The intelligent house will arrange most of the tasks for you, thus increasing comfort, but above all it saves your money thanks to better use of energy. Lights, heating, air conditioning, security and other functions of the house are interconnected, which will ensure maximum usage.

Installation of LV connections, distribution of lighting, motor and modern electrical installations, installation of lightning rods with inspection, public lighting installation, sale of electrical installation material, installation of industrial automation, installation of alarms and camera systems, revisions, installation of irrigation systems, structured cabling , project management. All this will be provided by our team of experienced professionals in the field of electrical installations, who are ready to help you with everything related to electricity.

Our trained electricians will ensure the installation of tailor-made industrial automation. Our goal is to streamline your production thanks to robotics, which is no longer a matter of the future. We will ensure not only the actual implementation of the technology, but also all activities associated with the efficient operation of machines and their maintenance. We have gained experience thanks to a constant desire to improve, as well as thanks to many years of operation this field, which is reflected in the results of our work.

Business partners

IT professionals and programming

We can provide you trained IT experts who will complete your projects. We create custom web applications and are looking forward to cover your IT projects.


Outsourcing means carrying out activities by external sources, in this case by external IT specialists. This is a worldwide trend having advantages such as cost savings and higher quality of work. Our trained IT professionals are ready to work on your projects.

Team Elsy  will ensure the development of web applications tailored to your requirements. Thanks to web applications, you will have a greater overview of your work. You can complete most tasks with a tailor-made web application with all the attributes you need to make your work more efficient.

We will train the members of your team so that they will acquire all the necessary skills for the successful completion of projects. Our subsidiary company  LEARN IT DO IT takes care of the training. We provide theoretical knowledge with modern teaching methods, while teaching is focused on practical knowledge.

If you need not only specialists for your project, but also premises, then we can offer you a place in our  COLLABOR8 coworking.

Creative ideas require a thriving creative ecosystem. That’s why Collabor8 offers a creative, open and vigilant ecosystem where you can implement your ideas.

Business partners

IT špecialisti


Electrical installations

Our company has provided various Slovak and foreign companies a huge range of services, including electrical fire alarms installation, installation of stable fire extinguishing equipment, camera systems and other services regarding electrical installation.


IT services

As part of the outsourcing of IT professionals, we have cooperated with global brands as well as Slovak companies during our operation. We have developed various web applications for our clients, mainly using Java and JavaScript technologies.

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Key personnel


ivana csémi
Chief Executive Officer

Ivana Csémi​

Having everything under control is essential. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of company management, as well as in the financial market, I can create a strategy that will bring our projects to a successful end.

Sales Manager

Štefan Csémi​

A good tradesman must have an overview of all the possibilities that the market offers. Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in the field of trade, I know exactly what steps to take to get our projects to the right people.

štefan csémi
gabriela nagyová
Marketing Manager

Gabriela Nagyová

Marketing is an area where innovations must be constantly monitored. I have creative thinking thus I am able to create the right advertising strategy. This is why I am in charge of everything related to the promotion of our projects.

Technical department

Production Specialist

Gabriel Nagy​

Programming is not just a job, but also a lifestyle. I have been working as an IT specialist for years, and I have established important cooperation not only with Slovak but also with foreign clients, mainly in the banking sector and building industry.

gabriel nagy
tomáš takáč
Electronics Specialist

Tomáš Takács

The key to success is to have a good basics. Whether it is the installation of smart homes, industrial automation or any electrical installation work, we are among the best on the market, which is confirmed by dozens of satisfied clients.